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   WHO AM I   

I am a native St. Louisan, Armywife and Mother of 3 boys. I love visiting, exploring and getting to know the many  communities around St. Louis.  I am enticed by the research, history, architecture and commUNITY improvement.

I am intrigued by the TRUTH of now and then... Aware of the harsh lessons of the past...  And hopeful for the opportunties of the future.

My Story

Hezekiah Evans aka Melkye Evans was born in (TBD) on December 25, 1880.

He married Mary Dunbar in Mississippi and had 2 children, Estella and Charlie Evans.

After relocating to Arkansas in (TBD) he married Pearl Hoard and had 2 more children, Ethel and Robert Evans.

After changing his name to
Sam Easley he married Everlee Brown and between 1912 and 1940, they had 9 children: Nora, Roosevelt, Jessie Theodis, Willie, Margaret, Madlyn, Cornelius and my grandfather, James Easley in 1929.


James Edward Easley was born November 15, 1929 in Widener, Arkansas. Upon leaving Arkansas after high school he enlisted in the United States Army and served in the Korean War. Upon discharge from the Army he resided in Joliet, Illinois where he met my grandmother, Irene Harris. They were blessed with one daughter together, my mother!















In 1954, he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he remarried and died in 1993. My mother was left in the care of his sister, Estella, who would raise her. She was lovingly known as "Mother Dear" or "Ma' Dear".


It is unclear why Irene was unable to care for my mother as she did her other 7 children.

But I believe it was FATE.

My mother's seven brothers and sisters died in a

housefire in Joliet, Illinois in 1965. My mother

was 11 at the time, but since she had been given to "Ma Dear" to be raised she was not in the house.


(My only surviving aunt was also given to a family member and was not at the house at the time.  My only other uncle,  James - or "Uncle Jimmy" -  died of AIDS in 1996.)


For more on this tragedy, click here.


Her giving my mother away saved MY life!

*Everything happens for a reason.*


My strong and courageous mother ran away

to St. Louis at 15 years old to start a new life on

her own.

Family plot marker ‘LOVETT - MAHONEY" in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, Section 014, Lot 0773*****


Catherine Kelley was born in 1838 in County Galway, Ireland.

Andrew Mahoney was born in 1838 in County Cork, Ireland.


Catherine married Andrew Mahoney at the St. Louis Cathedral on November 7, 1859. The wedding was officiated by Father P.J. Ryan.


Andrew was a riverboat captain, and had returned from the Civil War where he was a gun boat pilot for the Union Army.  They had 6 children, including Margaret, who was born in St. Louis in 1862.


Margaret married William Lovett (born in 1858) in St. Louis in 1880.  They had a son,  John Lovett, born in 1882. 



Meanwhile, Edward Corrigan, born in Ireland in 1838, had started a family with Kate Derryberry**, also born in Ireland.  They had _ children including Dennis Corrigan, born in 1870. Dennis married Mary Veronica Callahan on June 30, 1891. They had 8 children including my grandfather, Edwin Aloysius.

Thomas Colfer born in 1837, immigrated from Ireland in 1864. He married Mary Colfer and had 4 children including  John Colfer, born in 1882**.  John married Ellen Walsh, born August 20, 1891* and had a daughter in 1888 named her Henrietta.




Henrietta Johanna Colfer married John Lovett, a US Mail carrier, in 1913. They adopted my grandmother, an orphan from Ireland, Ann Ellen, born August 14, 1924. They lived at 5644 Cote Brilliante.

My grandmother, Ann, with her father, John Lovett

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My grandfather writing home from war to the Wagner Electric newsletter.

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Great great great
Great great great

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The census record for my grandfather
The census record for my grandfather

He was 7. These are my his parents and sisters.

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My grandfather writing home from war to the Wagner Electric newsletter.

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My grandparents grew up just a few houses down from each other on Cote Brilliante.

There they met and fell in love.

City Directory John Lovett
City Directory John Lovett

My grandmother lived with her adopted parents a 5644 Cote Brilliante.

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City Directory Edwin & Mary Corrigan
City Directory Edwin & Mary Corrigan

My grandfather settled with his parents at 5743 Cote Brilliante.

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City Directory John Lovett
City Directory John Lovett

My grandmother lived with her adopted parents a 5644 Cote Brilliante.

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They had 4 children.



Cote Brilliante Avenue

corrigan kids
corrigan kids

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Me and my grandfather Edwin Corrigan
Me and my grandfather Edwin Corrigan

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Ann Ellen (Lovett) Corrigan
Ann Ellen (Lovett) Corrigan

My grandmother, Ann

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corrigan kids
corrigan kids

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A Love Story

Shortly after arriving in St. Louis, my mother BONITA HARRIS was adopted by a family in St. Ann. She graduated from my alma mater, Ritenour Senior High School.



After graduating from Aquanis Mercy Catholic School, my father, DANIEL CORRIGAN joined the Army.

Upon returning he bought a motorcycle and enjoyed roaming the streets of St. Ann with his buddies.



One night, while leaving a party,

he offered my mother a ride home

and the rest is hiSTORY. 

They married in 1979 and

started a family with my older

brother, Daniel, and I in St. Ann.  

My Dad
My Mother
my fam
dan and bonita

Aja Estella Corrigan

Grand -Father

Daniel Joseph Corrigan


Bonita Joyce Harris
Edwin O. Corrigan

Grand -Father

James Easley

Grand -Mother

Ann E. Lovett

Great  - Grandparents


Great  - Grandparents

Johnny Ray Johnson, Jr.

b. 1882 - 1895

Elijah James Foggy

Grand -Mother

b. 1949 &  1954

b. 1924 - 1939

Irene Harris
Mary M.
Edwin A.

My Family Tree

Rock King Johnson


Great  - Great - Grandparents

Great  - Great - Grandparents

Everlee Brown

Daniel Robert  Corrigan


Dennis J.
Corrigan  &
Mary V.

b. 1860 - 1875

Reagan  &
Lovett  &
Colfer &

Great  - Great - Great Grandparents

To Be Determined

Great  - Great - Great Grandparents

Parents of  Dennis Joseph Corrigan
Edward Corrigan (1838 - 1908, Ireland) Catherine Derryberry (1773 - 1896, Ireland)
Parents of  Mary Veronica Callahan
Thomas Callahan
Mary Callahan
Parents of  Margaret Mahoney
Andrew Mahoney (1838 - 1894, Ireland)
Catherine Kelley (1838 - 1910, Ireland)
Parents of  John Colfer
Thomas Colfer (1837, immigrated 1864, Ireland)
*Mary Colfer (1859, Ireland)

*****Also in this plot:

LOVETT, HENRIETTA burial date: Aug 11 1952 age: 64 ~AND ~

LOVETT, JOHN A burial date: May 28 1966 age: 83

LOVETT MARGARET A (nee Mahoney) burial date: Jul 15 1918 age: 55

MAHONEY WILLIAM A. burial date: Feb 15 1923 age: 56

MAHONEY CATHERINE (nee Kelley) burial date: Jan 13 1910 age: 67 ~AND ~

MAHONEY ANDREW burial date: Mar 09 1894 age: 59

CODY MARY burial date: Nov 08 1896 age: 0 INFANT

MAHONEY JOHN FRANCIS burial date: Jan 01 1911 age: 49

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