If you could imagine what a stop on the Underground Railroad looked like, how would you feel walking the path? Would a community of strangers be there to save you?


If you could imagine what a street named for Dr. Martin Luther King looked like, what would you see? Dilapidated buildings? Or innovation?

If you could imagine streets full of immigrants, having arrived in land of opportunity with nothing but will and intent to get them through, would you worry for them?

People have used that will and intent to survive and so many have succeeded and moved on to "bigger and better". But in some ways the foundations and dreams built to propel this expansion have been forgotten.

Imagine living in a world where yesterday is cherished and preserved and paying forward.


We have all either had a similar dream or shared in Dr. King's dream, but none of us probably imagined that it would look like this. His life has passed but the fight is not over. 


The history is so rich and powerful it is holding on for dear life. It still has a story to tell.  How will it end?

There are so many stories that want to be told and still so much we can learn from our past. How can we learn to truly appreciate the differences in our neighbors? How can we solve problems quickly and compassionately?

What is kindness? What is culture? What is a hero?

Lets find out together!

There are many organizations taking the reigns and are involved in preserving the dignity, as well as, the history of our streets.

Here are a few you might like to know about!


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