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FOR SALE: Melvin Theatre

The listing for the theater includes three adjacent vacant lots.

The half-acre property was priced at $149,500 in 2016.

2912 Chippewa Street St. Louis, MO 63118

In a historic Dutch Neighborhood of StL

1 screen - 481 seats


Opened: 1914

Closed: 1992

The original owner was Joseph Hallaman, who named the theatre after his son.

(Architect: Theodore Degenhardt)

Other owners:

***** Bill Miller - 1972 - 1978

***** Herman Carnell

*****Novation Church - 2015

Other Info:

1972 - Gutted, Remodeled, Screen and sound system replaced, Seats and concession stand replaced (Original box office in tact)

2009 - Research shows the final day (night) of theatre operation was October 18, 1992

5/2011 - used as a Youth Center for Strive STL and in June 4th was opened as a Music Venue

5/2017 - Renovation plan for the Melvin Theatre goes before Board of Adjustment 6/14/2017. Plan is for community and theatre use. (Twitter, Greg Johnson)

Judy (Sheryl Lee) walks past the Melvin Theater in “The Makings of You.”

Photo Courtesy of Matt Amato

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