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Ferguson's Pulitzer

The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo of the late Edward Crawford

Taken by: Robert Cohen, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Robert Cohen captured this and many other iconic images from the Ferguson unrest that would go on to win a Pulitzer Prize in 2015.

He was a steady presence on the front lines, often wearing tear gas protection and running shoes. The iconic image taken of Edward Crawford, has been artistically reproduced and many variations exist, but none capture the moment in real time like the original.

Crawford's Twitter Bio :

Missouri citizen. Father. Human. Taxpayer. Lover of chips.

I threw the tear gas canister in #Ferguson.

In Honor of the late.....

Edward S. Crawford Jr.

BORN: May 29, 1989

DIED: May 4, 2017 (near 1400 block of Salisbury Street, in the Hyde Park)

Lived: 7000 block of Dover Court, University City

Cause of Death: UNKNOWN


An excerpt from NBC News:

"He became a fixture on the frontlines of the protests, alongside a new generation of accidental activists, activated by Brown’s killing. As his body baked beneath the hot sun for four hours that day, so did their resolve to fight. And fight they did. With police. With politicians. With themselves. Their fight inspired others across the country to rise, especially the youth who’d felt long silenced by the established civil rights organizations and the white power and political structure alike."


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